Linwood Public School

Est: 1966

Linwood Public School opened its doors in 1966, replacing 8 small rural schools in the area. The school offers programming from JK to Grade 8 and includes Extended Day. Linwood is unique in the constellation of WRDSB schools for a variety of reasons.

Facilities include a double gym, large Learning Commons (former Gym), Design and Tech room, Family Studies room and a Science room. We have 2 gaga ball pits, baseball backstops, a grass track, soccer goals, two playgrounds and lots of tarmac games available.

Our students enjoy a rich academic and co-curricular life with outstanding: Music, Core French, and Physical Education programming. Our ESL population is quick to acquire English skills under the instruction of our ELL, Kindergarten and Primary Departments and learn important things about our world and how it works in Junior Division. Our Middle school is supportive, inclusive and rigorous; it functions as a tight-knit, inclusive community.

Linwood enjoys a fully-equipped wood shop in Tech Design to support all grade 8 students. The program has an eye toward supporting students who may be involved in wood craft already on the farm or in family shops. The students create amazing wood crafts under the supervision of our masterful shop teacher and learn the safe way to run equipment.

Linwood also houses the last remaining Middle School – Family Studies program featuring cooking, sewing and other essential crafts of the home. This in an opportunity for all students to prepare healthy foods, create and repair textiles and gain a deeper understanding of the work that takes place in the home.

We run a strong math program based in the digital resource: Math Up featuring deep learning of concepts and ideas. At Linwood we know how math is relevant and useful in our lives and work.

We are a diverse school with children from different places in Canada and the world. We also host a large population of Dave Martin Mennonites as well as Low German Mennonites. As all our students get to learn and play together it serves to create an inclusive and warm environment when all students are free to be kind to each other and have their needs met.

Linwood is also the home of U-Learn, a high school program supporting students in Grade 12 completion. We also host an English Language school that caters mainly to our Low German Families in the evenings.

Did you know?

The bell at the school’s main entrance is originally from the Linwood School No. 4.